Member Benefits

As a member you can put yourself on the Integration Map enabling you to collaborate with and learn from others locally, nationally and across sectors, via our online forums and special interest groups. You are able to access and download toolkits and resources, share programmes, stories, and documents with others, and have priority when signing up to training and events.

For our members we will:

Raise the profile of this vital work that often goes under the radar and is little known. Our digital platform will feature stories and case studies of the many inspiring individuals who are improving intercultural relations, bridging divides and creating positive change at a local level.

Put you on the map. So you can connect with and learn from others who care about and are involved in cohesion and integration work in your local area, across the country and internationally. And so you can be proactive; addressing community tensions and collaborating with academics, policymakers, businesses, statutory agencies and the voluntary and community sector to strengthen local trust and social bonds between groups.

Bring you together with other organisations and individuals from across different sectors and localities – to share ideas, knowledge and experience in order to build the capacity, skills and resources for a more integrated and peaceful society.

Provide resources, toolkits, and the latest research and evidence in our dedicated Resource Centre. A one stop shop for all your cohesion and integration needs including understanding the policy landscape.

Be an advocate and a champion for this work. With you we will lobby for change to address the underlying drivers of poor cohesion and integration joining together to promote policy change.

Develop professional standards of practice through accredited training programmes for practitioners, allied professionals and leaders and bringing together the latest thinking and research from academics, practitioners and policy makers on what works.