Our Online Community

We are developing an online community of practice for all those engaged in cohesion and integration.

As an Associate Member of the network you will have access to our Resources Centre containing over 100 resources on cohesion and integration, together with a bank of stories of inspiring individuals and organisations who are building stronger more integrated and inclusive places across the UK. You will be able to put yourself on the Integration map and have your work featured in our Stories section. You will also be able to access the directory of members in order to develop connections with others from different disciplines, areas and sectors. 

As a Standard Member of the network you will access a range of benefits. You will be able to showcase your organisation on the Integration Map, with a direct link to your Member’s page where you can profile and celebrate the work of your organisation. You will be able to access online forums to share learning and collaborate with others in your local area, and nationally around particular themes or areas of interest.

Through Advanced Membership, COIN will provide you with all of the benefits listed above, as well as tailored consultancy on your cohesion and integration work, further access to our online forums, webinars and annual conference in 2020.

Depending on your membership package, you will also have the ability to host and moderate forums for areas of shared interest and to develop new thinking and new ideas. As we develop our support offer for members you will have access to a programme of events and training in order to build the skills, knowledge and capacity of those in your organisation who are leading and working on cohesion and integration. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our online community.